Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Third Day

love that band Third Day. I remember when they were just starting out and they played at Dietrichs coffee in Brea early one week day morning.! I dropped the kids off at school and made my way over. Twist my arm. Coffee and Third Day?

also love quilt-a-longs. Each week our online instructor gives us the homework for the week including a tutorial. Its a 'class' with 2000+ students. Some post pictures which make me feel guilty for being behind, or wishing I had chosen a different color combo and wondering if I have time to make 2 at once. I think I will.....just a baby one to sell at Magnolia Charlie.

Amanda Jean from www.crazymomquilts.com is the instructor and an awesome quilt blogger. I have followed her for a few years, and always been inspired by her projects. I want to give her tons of credit. Some mornings I wanted to pull the blankets over my head, but instead I got up, walked to the sewing machine and made a block because we had to make one everyday to stay on target, Amanda said.

This is a brand new quilt-a-long called 36 patch. I am just proud to have one done, and to be using up some of my stash.

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