Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4th day of creating...

My neighbor, Tom, made this fabulous pot. I love the splash of color and wish I could say it was my day 4 of creating... I 'borrowed' it from his house and it has stayed with me a little longer than planned. We have some bargaining going on because I quilt his wife's quilts and he makes me pots. Not sure who owes who what at this point.

What you need to observe is the 2 little rocks by the pot. I love this idea for a grandkids project. I tried it on grey rocks and the colors did not show, but white rocks are the right ones for sure.

Put them in the oven for 15 minutes @ 350' Take them out of the oven and color with crayons. The crayons melt and blend and do all sorts of psychedelic wonders.

My white rocks came from a West Coast beach in New Zealand. You will not have to travel there to get them, even though I know you want to.
Crayon Painting on hot rocks is addicting. I tried white shells but they loose their heat quickly and the crayon stops melting, which is the fun part.

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