Friday, July 29, 2011

Creating with Tapa...

Tapa cloth is made from the tapa plant. The bamboo like sticks are beaten to pulp, well not quite, but until they are paper thin. Natural dye from other plants is added and a beautiful piece of work is created. If you live or visit some of the Pacific Islands you can here the rhythmic beating of the tapa, as both men and women work to make their living.

My brother in law is a Tongan living in New Zealand, and recently had a family member send him a large piece of cloth to try an experiment or two. I jumped on the band wagon and dyed a tiny piece today with liquid dye paints. The colors took very well. Nothing has come to mind yet as to what to do with the tapa I have. Fabric artists/textile artists would likely jump at it.

I may quilt a piece. Whatever I decide, it is too precious to just sit and gather dust.

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