Sunday, July 24, 2011

365 days of creating...

I enjoy reading 365 day blogs especially one my daughter did. She posted pictures of the everyday life of her children for a year...and then theres one I refer to, especially in winter,

So I will begin with a hiss and a roar, pick a random day (today) which has no significance to me other than 38yrs ago I was 'great with first child' at this time.

Creating something everyday helps me on different levels. I say different levels because I don't know what else to say and it sounds deep. When I had 4 children at home, a good day for me included getting up early and doing something with a gluegun, or making a scrapbook page or pulling weeds. Now I have to make sure the gluegun is out of sight when the grandchildren come over and that the blade is in the safe position on my rotary cutter. Pins? oh they only need to touch them a couple of times, and they dont do it again....a bit like touching a hot stove.

This is a quilt my sister pieced together. She has only made 2 quilts, well actually 3. But one doesnt count now because it accidentally went to Samoa when sisters husband picked a pile of bed linen and threw in the 'going to help Samoans after the earthquake and tsunami' The quilt wasnt finished, but it will still will be adding beauty somewhere in the Pacific.

The above quilt is the second attempt to make something for sisters friends 50th birthday. I quilted it this week and will package it up and send to New Zealand sometime in the next month or 2. Why would I want to part with it any sooner? its beautiful.
Day 1 of creating.

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