Friday, September 26, 2008

same job, different location, new stories...

Hurricane Ike hit just 2 weeks ago today.  Mold, and the smell that goes with it, has really set in, and you can smell it everywhere.  We gutted the lower level of Leanna's house today in Galveston.  She is 77yrs old, and has never worn anything but skirts and dresses.  As of yesterday and the return to her home she is now liberated..!!  Its difficult gutting in a skirt.  A sweet lady who is a member of every church in Galveston.

the outside of Leannas house.  She is living with friends, and even though she has electricity it will be a while before she can return for good because of the dampness. Many of the trees in the street are dead from the salt water.
mold all through the kitchen cupboards.....a result of 3 feet of water.  Fortunately the water had subsided within 24 hours (Katrina was 2 weeks in some places)
I worked along side 10 others from Ohio.  Some I met in New Orleans 16mths ago....disaster junkies. Its scary how quickly the 'skill' of house gutting comes back to ya so quickly.

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