Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First class....

today was our third day working the post office line.  By the time we got there at 12:30 people had been waiting in line for up to 2 hours in the sun.  We had our usual water and hot dogs, but added granola bars to the menu.  Food and cold water calms everyone down, and today the post master and 2 managers came out to thank us.  

People try to give us money, want to know where we are from etc etc.  Some times I make up the answers just to keep life interesting. (for myself) Made a big boo boo though.  I said to a gentleman ' Oh I saw you here yesterday, I recognize the shirt...!' Duh Margaret he probably only has one shirt and lives out of his car.  

People seem in really good spirits, and the PO line is a good place for them to talk to each other and share contacts and stories.  

The Vineyard pastor from Galveston, and his family stopped by today to help for a while.  They have recently planted and church there.  Fortunately their house was dry, but the meeting place they have for a church is a mess.  Ken and Jodie Hannings with Ava, Micah, Sarah and Kayla.

Janell who works for Mercy Response in Kenner LA getting a tray of hot dogs together.  We gave out over 800 bottles of iced water and 500+ hotdogs. 

Back at camp the boys are putting together showers etc ready for the teams coming down to gut homes, starting this weekend.  

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