Thursday, July 3, 2008

My newest favorite place is in Pukehou New Zealand

The Paper Mulberry Cafe, Pukehou, 20kms(12miles)south of Hastings New old church, about to have a bulldozer through it, was rescued 10 years ago and is now a thriving cafe, craft store and 2nd hand book store. It has an open mic for local musos. The tables, decoupaged with historic photos, and other interesting walks down memory lane, are joined together down the middle of the cafe and the over 50's gather together for a traditional roast once a month on a Friday night.

The back of the church is the 2nd hand book store. Amazing old books for those who have the time to browse. The cost is donation only and money is to help a local cause.

Interesting items in the sprawled garden.

This table has old knitting patterns decoupaged onto the top.

These could be my brothers minus the coke and straw..!!
an old door used for the table top. One had a "Principals Office" nametag still stuck on it. Hmmm, I wonder who avoids that table because of certain memories!!

fence posts

soaking up the sun on the cafe veranda is the Mulberry fat cat

Nev ordered tea, and it came with a teacosy like Grannys,
and a minature milk bottle on a floral tray

While there were several tables indoors, the sun drew us outside, where we sat near the washing on the line, listening to the birds, while a little girl played in the sandpit near her family. Okay I didnt really get a shot from the front....thats because my battery had died. Note to self.

Now I want to buy an old church and hire the owner of Paper Mulberry as a consultant to breathe life into it..! By the way...great coffee, kumara and corned beef shepherds pie, homemade sausage roll and fresh tomato soup.

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Jodie McCollum said...

I will be your first employee at the Paper Mulberry Cafe, Orange County. Zach will design the sandpit.