Monday, June 2, 2008

....quilts in London

My son Sam took me out to restaurant Fifteen while in London recently. I had read about it in a travel magazine, and wanted to see the real deal. For an evening reservation you need to book 6mths ahead, but lunch we called 2 weeks before, and got in. If you are 15 mins late, your reservation is cancelled....!!

This is the restaurants mission:
Fifteen Foundation exists to inspire disadvantaged young people – homeless, unemployed, overcoming drug or alcohol problems - to believe that they can create for themselves great careers in the restaurant industry.The Fifteen restaurants serve food of the highest quality made from the best ingredients: their kitchens are where the apprentices learn their trade, and their profits help fund the programme.

Fabulous food, setting and a very interesting mix of people. (well thats how London is really) Thanks Sam for a great lunch, and supporting this mission with me.

There is also a Fifteen restaurant in Amsterdam and Melbourne if you happen to be in the area.
A couple of websites:

Can you see the quilt in this building???

Tiny little one inch squares ugh. I will not be piecing this one. I read that the foundation bought this building for 5 pound. It is in a very old area, with cobble street etc. Once inside, it is fabulous.

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