Saturday, July 12, 2008

back to London for a sec...

My favorite store in London to date, I came across near Sloane Square, called Cath_Kidston.

I had to touch everything twice. It was a narrow store on two levels. You could hardly turn around without knocking something down..!!

....I did find the cutest little button box to store my fun button collection. This is for the grandchildren to sort, make piles or trains.

I remember playing with my granny's button box. It was a great way to pass time on a Sunday afternoon at Grannys while the adults were having a 'boring' conversation and it was raining outside.

In my collection I have tiny 1930 buttons belonging to my mum, and buttons from my Dads old herringbone coat... 50+ years old.

Oh and the bright multi jewel things you see at the front were button covers I wore in the '80s. What were we thinking. I have handmade ones too right behind sunflowers !!!

If you have a button box, I'd love to see a picture.

I'll put it on the blog.

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Sarah said...

I love the Iowa quilt idea. That is a fabulous way for you to use your work, talent, and passion to make a difference. I'm also fond of your photos and stories about things that have inspired you personally. They are colorful and fun. Sarah