Monday, June 23, 2008

Auckland and Iowa


I am sitting at the Auckland International airport with a flat white and a scone. It is 6am and raining outside. Soon I will make a dash to the domestic terminal where I take an hours flight on a very small plane to Nelson where my parents, 2 siblings, 2 nephews and a great niece live. The other nieces and nephews have all temporarily? flown the coop.

My mind has not really been on this trip YET, as Amanda is flying to Iowa today to join with Vineyard Mercy Response in starting the cleanup process in Cedar Rapids. According to the news yesterday, the floodwaters had subsided and people allowed back into their homes and businesses. She’s going on her own and hopes ‘whoever’ picks her up from the airport. I think of the many Iowa folk, who have given hours and hours in the New Orleans cleanup. Now they will now be on the receiving end

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Nancy said...

Hey Margaret,
Looking forward to more of your adventures and updated pictures of your NZ family. I smiled when I read "flat white"......had forgotten the coffee terms down there. Ummm....unsweetened latte??
Love you, Nancy